New students can begin in either September or February. September is considered the beginning of the year and it is to your child's advantage to start in September and stay for the full year. There are 6 week breaks in the winter and summer. Enrollment opens for September to new families in March. 

1. Thoroughly review all information on our website while considering enrollment to see if VFS may be good fit for your family.

2. After reviewing the website, ask any additional questions you may have by emailing valleyforestschool@gmail.com

3. Attending an Open House is highly recommended. Open House dates are in November and March. 

4. If you are ready to be considered for enrollment, create an account on our parent portal and request a spot in the class based on your child's age.  

5. Once your request has been received, you will be emailed to schedule a phone interview by the Program Coordinator of the desired location. Questions to expect relate to the child's comfort in nature, their behavior, and the parent's comfort sending their child to VFS.

6. Should the parents and Program Coordinator both believe VFS is a good fit for the child, 2 references will be requested and contacted. If the family attended an Open House, this step may be skipped.

7. Should the reviews from the references express that the child will likely thrive at VFS, the parent will receive a letter of acceptance. Should the child not be accepted, the parent will be notified with suggestions of other local programs.