Behavior Expectations

At VFS, we believe children should be free to express themselves appropriately. There should be mutual respect between teacher and student. We will establish clear boundaries for the children and remind them of those boundaries. Boundaries both on property and boundaries with interactions with forest mates and teachers. We will foster kindness and have zero tolerance for pushing, hitting, name calling, grabbing, aggressiveness, or other demanding behavior. If a student cannot follow these boundaries, the child will quietly be taken to the side of the group to talk about what happened. We'll encourage deep breathing if worked up and give them time to calm down before returning to the group. Kids may find nature self soothing. However, if a child is repeatedly unable to respect the clear guidelines (such as "if you can't see the teacher, you've gone too far") for their safety or the safety of others, parents will be informed of their actions and the child must be picked up for the day. If there is a pattern in behavior that risks the child's safety, we will ask a parent to stay with the child during the next class or multiple classes if necessary until the behavior is no longer an issue.