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"There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing." -Sir Randulph Fiennes

Programs will be held rain or shine. Your child is required to be dressed appropriately for the weather each day at VFS.

Clothing Requirements: Inventory


Base Layer- Fall, Winter, Spring

Wool or synthetic fitted base layer long sleeve top and long bottoms 

Warm hat and/or balaclava

Mid Layer-Fall, Winter, Spring

Wool or fleece pants

Wool or fleece jacket

Insulating Layer- late Fall, Winter, early Spring

Heavy Jacket such as a ski jacket or other heavily insulated jacket

Waterproof Layer- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

ALL STUDENTS MUST have rain jacket and rain pants/bibs that are coated in polyurethane. Appropriate brands are CeLaVi, Reima, Taxi, Helly Hansen, and Grundens. Please purchase 2 piece sets, not a one piece suit. 

Feet + Hands- late Fall, Winter, early Spring

Wool socks for the rain and winter

Insulated rain boots for cold/rain

Insulated ski gloves/mittens(winter)


Sun hat

Long sleeve UV sun shirt if sensitive to prolonged sun exposure

Sandals for getting in a creek

Additional Gear

- Unlined Sketch Pad. Expect to go through 2-3 per school year per child. The Melissa and Doug 6 x 9 Mini Sketch Pad is the perfect size for all ages.

- Backpack with buckling chest strap. This must be properly sized for your child and must be able to fit all gear including their lunch. A separate lunch box is not necessary or recommended as the children carry their lunch in their packs most days.

- An insulated mug with a carabiner handle- hooked to the outside of pack. Classes make foraged tea on a regular basis and this mug is essential for them to enjoy their forest tea!

- Farm school only-  Leather work gloves/gardening gloves.

If it is not raining, cold, or windy, your child can dress just like you would be taking them to the playground for the day. Otherwise, follow the requirements above.

Label all gear!


Please reach out to your location's Program Coordinator with questions regarding gear!

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