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Empowering parents to keep the adventure alive.

Hop onto the local trails in this 8 week series of guided hikes. Designed for parents and their babies, this set of hikes will help grow your knowledge of the trails in Greenville and the surrounding area, increase your strength and stamina on the trail while carrying baby, and will empower parents to have confidence hiking both long and short hikes with a baby in tow. 

These adult-paced hikes increase in intensity as the weeks go on- starting with 2-3 miles and finishing with up to 8 miles by the end of the session(see session dates below). This program is designed for those who are ready to combine the physical challenge of hiking with the joys and struggles of parenting with a like-minded community. 

Walk away with confidence adventuring outdoors with your baby, profound memories of early parenthood, awesome friendships, and increased physical and mental strength. 

Adventure Baby guides are locals who have been adventuring these trails for years with their own families and have years of experience teaching for Valley Forest School. They have been through over 50 hours of VFS training, are Wilderness First Aid Certified, and CPR certified. Parents will have the same guide for the entire 8 week session- making this a class designed to build community and friendships.



2024 Thursday Spring Session:

April 4- May 23

Hikes begin at 9:30 am

A full calendar will be sent to registered families.



Each 8 week session is $280

Sign up for Adventure Babies or any of our other programs through our Parent Portal. Use the search bar to find "Travelers Rest Adventure Babies" specifically. Please confirm your location when registering for a session as there are 3 Adventure Babies locations between Brevard, NC, Travelers Rest, SC, and Roanoke, VA.



Q: Is this different than what Adventure Babies has been in the past?

A: Yes! What was previously called Adventure Babies has divided into 2 different types of classes- an adult paced class(Adventure Babies) and a toddler paced class(Forest Sprouts). Both are open to the same age group, but have different objectives.

Q: What are the benefits of joining this program?

A: Spending time outdoors is a healthy way to lower stress and help ward off and manage postpartum depression. Bringing your baby with you outdoors will create  memories of the early years that will last a lifetime. Joining a group of others who have similar goals of raising their children adventurously outdoors will help create a strong friendship community.  

Q:Can I meet my guide before the hikes begin?

A: Yes! There will be a meet and greet a couple weeks before the first hike. 

Q: What age is this geared towards?

A: As long as your baby still enjoys being in the carrier while you hike, there is no cutoff age.

Q: Can another adult, like my spouse or parent, join me when they're available?

A: Absolutely! There is no additional charge for bringing another adult, but please limit it to only 1 additional adult at a time.

Q: What physical shape should I be in for this class?

A: Hiking should be something you've done on a semi-regular basis in the past- whether with or without baby. You must be able to carry your own child in a carrier for the full length of the hike(with breaks along the way!).

Q: Is there an alternative class option if hiking with my baby isn't something I want to do right now?

A: In Travelers Rest and Roanoke we offer child-paced parent/child classes called Forest Sprouts on site at our forest school locations. These classes are for babies and toddlers and details can be found under the "Programs" tab for your specific location.

Q: What if my breastfed baby needs to nurse?

A: Your baby is welcome to nurse on demand! We'll even teach you techniques to breastfeed while your baby while he/she is in the carrier. 

Q: What if it isn't a good fit and we don't like it?

A: We require a commitment for one season. This will give you plenty of time to give it a solid try and decide whether or not you like it. If you find after one season you would not like to continue, you do not have to. Each season is a separate sign up.

Q: Is there a drop off program for babies or toddlers through Valley Forest School?

A: No. The only program for babies and toddlers is Adventure Babies and Forest Sprouts. In both classes, a parent or caregiver must accompany the child. The youngest drop off program, Forest Preschool, starts at age 3.

Q: Is Adventure Babies for beginners who don't have a lot of experience outdoors?

A: This class is designed for those who have the ability to hike intermediate to difficult hikes. For a beginner outdoor opportunity, see our class called "Forest Sprouts". 

Q: What gear do I need to participate?

A: A baby carrier(soft carrier for pre-sitting up and either a soft carrier or backpack frame carrier once they can sit up), layers of clothing for both parents and babies for when adjusting from cool to warm temperatures, and trekking poles(optional but encouraged). Gear will be reviewed at the meet and greet prior to hikes.

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