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For ages 2.5-6

Our programs for the Forest Preschool League focus on various topics specific to living in the Southern Appalachian Mountains through natural child-led and interest-led learning. Our programs support whole-child development through recreational, outdoor, nature-based programming for young children in the context of a youth sports league using “forest school” pedagogy. Please see our philosophy page if you are new to this method of education. 

​Valley Forest School is a member of the Forest School League.


Enrollment for 2020/2021 is open!

2020/2021 Annual Tuition:

$882- 1 day per week

$1,665- 2 days per week

$2,498- 3 days per week

$3,330- 4 days per week

9 Monthly Payments:

Without Shuttle

$98 per month 1 day per week

$185 per month 2 days per week

$278 per month 3 days per week

$370 per month 4 days per week

With Shuttle

$144 per month 1 day per week

$277 per month 2 days per week

$416 per month 3 days per week

$554 per month 4 days per week

Enrollment Fee:

$150 enrollment fee for first year students

$50 re-enrollment fee

($200 family maximum for enrollment fees)

Options for enrolling in a program are Monday-Thursday from 9 am- 1 pm 

2020-2021 school year:

VFS will take a winter break from mid December through January and a  summer break for the end of July through Labor Day. 

Please visit our clothing requirements page to view items necessary for enrollment in any season program.  

Please contact Bekah if you are interested in mid-year enrollment by emailing or calling 540-293-2730. 


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